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We pride ourselves in being completely transparent & upfront about our program. If you would like to speak to past parents or athlete's from our program - please reach out. We would be happy to connect you with our CTA West Family alumni.

Parent Testimonials

"CTA West is a prep basketball academy like no other.  Over the 2021-22 season my son (Seth) was immersed in a climate that has prepared him well for post-secondary competition.  The level of athletic training and coaching offered at CTA West rivals anything a player will see during their university/college career, and they get the opportunity to compete against college teams and other top level prep programs in Canada and the USA.  In addition, the coaches and trainers are amazing mentors.  The program is built on key pillars of hard work, team play (we before me), and giving back to the community (volunteerism). CTA West creates the right culture for a player to not only succeed in basketball, but in life.- Mark Herzog, parent

"So many basketball clubs and organizations use the word “family” to describe themselves. We have participated in many of these, but never truly experienced a basketball family until CTA West. Our son has had the privilege of being a part of this family for 2 years. We love how organized the staff is; everything is very well communicated and follows a schedule. Adam is open and honest, and has always been clear with expectations and potential. The coaching staff invested not only in our son’s basketball, they invested in him as a person. We are proud of the growth we have seen on and off the court." -Lisa & Randy Korver, parents

"CTA West is the ideal for any family looking for a Basketball Post Grad Prep Program for their child. Coach Huffman identifies the needs of each athlete, addresses their needs during the program and ensures that no one is left behind. The program creates a home away from home for your child.  We are getting full value from this program and are glad we chose CTA West.  Rating (Recruitment, boarding, training facilities, schedule, daily updates, contacts and university/college placement) - 10/10." -Adelopo Ofuya, parent

"CTA West has provided a variety of significant experiences for our son. As part of the post-grad program, CTAWest offered the tools to ensure all players developed athletically, emotionally and academically. The standards and expectations were held high and all players were guided toward developing to their highest level. CTAWest was dedicated to creating a family atmosphere between all teammates and the staff continuously went above and beyond to provide support, knowledge and encouragement to all players day and night.” - Joan Szewczyk, parent

"My son and I' experience at CTA West has been one to remember. From Adam's genuine nature to following through on promises made, he and his staff have met and exceeded the mark every time. We are from the Greater Toronto Area and I was a bit apprehensive about sending my son to Calgary. However, this hesitation was quickly dissolved. Evan was treated like family the minute he stepped off the plane. Adam was truly excited to have him and I could sense it.  Adam has a genuine love for the game and the individuals in his care. He is organized and a good communicator. Adam and his team managed to pull off a 50 game schedule during a pandemic, which was impossible for most clubs.  Not only did Evan have a break out year he managed to lose 30 pound in the process thanks to Ian and Lance of Athletic Edge. An exceptional partner of CTA West. They truly had Evan's best interests at heart every step of the way. No agenda, no self praise. Truly looking out for the boys and what is best for them as individual athletes.  Evan is now a full ride scholarship athlete for Carleton University and we owe it all to Adam, Fallon, his carefully chosen partners and staff.  They have fulfilled all promises and then some. I couldn't have hoped for better results."
-Ewan Meyer, parent


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