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Developed specifically for post-graduate athletes, we aim to be the top prep basketball program in Western Canada.  

Why Choose CTA West?

CTA West is a comprehensive program that focuses on basketball as well as life skills.  Our athletes eat, sleep, live, study, train and play together in a safe & supportive setting with like-minded individuals. The passionate staff at CTA West provides the foundation necessary for our athletes to thrive.


Head Coach Adam Huffman designed CTA West to meet the needs of passionate athletes aspiring to play post-secondary basketball. After 5 years of developing and operating prep programs in private school settings, it was clear prep basketball has become overrun by “Post Grads”. Many players have already shown athletic prowess and academic success, but need a year to mature on and off the court while playing a competitive schedule to obtain exposure to College and University basketball programs.


Post-graduates don’t need a victory lap in a high school setting - it should be about maturing and learning to manage their schedule while living away from home for the first time with proper guidance, support, and supervision. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals, who are also pursuing athletic excellence, and in the same chapter of their lives.


At CTA West, we use a holistic preparatory approach to provide our athletes with the confidence to spread their wings and take flight toward their post-secondary goals.


"CTA West is a prep basketball academy like no other.  The program is built on key pillars of hard work, team play (we before me), and giving back to the community (volunteerism). CTA West creates the right culture for a player to not only succeed in basketball, but in life.  - Mark Herzog, parent

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