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“This is bigger than basketball.” 

- Adam Huffman, Head Coach, and Executive Director


Grit, Accountability, Heart. Not only is Adam Huffman Western Canada’s foremost experienced prep coach, but he is also one of the most connected coaches in North America. His dedication to fostering relationships that last more than a season has placed his reputation at the top of the recruitment process. CTA West advocates for every single player and had a 100% placement rate in our inaugural season. Our expert faculty motivates and inspires these select athletes to stay accountable and stay the course. 


A serious deep dive into training that is vigorous and holistic - grounding not only the body but also the mind, we see obstacles as opportunities, dedication as desire. You must be mission-appropriate for the next level and it’s our mandate to champion you on the path to making that happen. Together, we will put you on the map.


Based in Calgary, CTA West is located just a short drive away to the heart of the stunning and invigorating Canadian Rocky Mountains. Operating out of a world-class destination and one of Canada’s most influential cities, our program has access to everything you need to ensure a successful and comfortable experience. Join Alberta's top basketball prep-program.


Take action. Take Flight at CTA West.

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