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  • How are billet families selected?
    Billets have the most interaction with CTA West participants on a day-to-day basis and as such, to protect those valuable stakeholers, all Billet Family hosts shall be required to provide a criminal background check via the local police authorities in Calgary, Albera. We have a 4 step process for evaluating and re-assessing potential Host Famillies: -Require criminal records check for all billet hosts -Billet Coordinator Conducts in-person interviews of all potential billet host -Following up on references by interviewing assessors -Do weekly/monthly spot checks and in-person visits to Billet Family homes
  • Is there a monthly Room & Board Fee that teams charge?
    Yes, players have to pay a monthly Room & Board fee to a local Billet Family. Billet families are organized by CTA West with all monthly fees going to the Billet Family it its entirety. The Monthly Billet fee will be discussed upon approval.
  • Are curfews enforced?
    Yes. There will be disciplinary action taken if players miss curfew. Billets are asked to report to CTA Staff if players miss curfew.
  • Do we have what it takes to be a Billet Family?
    It is of great importance to CTA West that we place our out-of-town players in caring family environments that are committed to providing a supportive home away from home. Opening your homes takes time, patience, and a willingness to share. There will be differences to overcome, both cultural and personal, but learning about these differences and celebrating them is part of the joy of welcoming someone new into your home.
  • What makes a great Billet Family?
    A sensitive and patient family. It can be overwhelming for a player to be far away from home or living on their own for the first time. A thoughtful billet family appreciates that each player is unique, and that communication and mutual understanding takes effort. Our billet families are interesting in sharing their lifestyle in a positive and mutually rewarding way. We do not accept Billet Families who are interested in money alone. Such motive is obvious to players and interferes with the intended billeting experience: a safe, secure, welcoming environment to learn and grow in.
  • Do we have time for a player?
    Even the most self-assured players appreciate good quality time with their billet family. Will you be in town for the duration of your player's stay? (Absences longer than two days must be approved by the CTA West Billet Coordinator in advance). Is everyone in your household ready to accept someone with a different background? If you have children, are they comfortable with bringing another person into the family?
  • Can a family host more than one player?
    Yes. Two (or more) players can share living quarters, transportation expenses and often times provide camaraderie for one another.
  • What does the Billet Family provide?
    A separate room for the player (or a shared room for 2 players), furnished must as a dollege dorm would provide for a student: -a bed, desk & chair and clothing storage -nutritious meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner -a patient, caring and friendly home atmosphere -the same guidance and attention you would want for your own children
  • What are the player's responsibilities?
    As a member of the household, players are expected to show respect and consideration for all host family members. They are required to follow all household rules as well as share in the daily chores, maintain their own room and do their own laundry.
  • How long does the billet last?
    The length of time depends on the family and the individual. Some players stay with a family throughout the basketball/school year, while others arrange to live with the family throughout the calendar year to satisfy academic or employment obligations. The length of stay is one of the key determining factors used in matching a family with a player.
  • What are the benefits of being a Billet Family?
    -A new perspective on basketball, as seen through the eyes of your elite athlete. -A firsthand understanding of being a basketball fan and support system. -The opportunity to make a difference in a young man's life.

If you are interested in being a Billet Family for CTA West, please contact


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